Police Arrests 3 Suspects In Deadly Gun Store Robbery

One suspect died is shooting

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Maryland authorities say they’ve arrested three suspects tied to the gun shop burglary that left a 17-year-old suspect dead from police gunfire.

Police arrested two brothers, 17-year-old Brandon Jackson and 21-year-old Terrence Massey Jr., as well as a 15-year-old. Jackson is charged as an adult.

Charging documents allege this was the second gun shop theft that week for some of the suspects, one of which was found with guns in his car from a separate theft the night before.

The documents also say Marquis Weems was killed by an officer’s gunfire as the suspects rammed into a police cruiser during the getaway.

The newspaper reports dozens of guns remain missing from the burglaries.

Jackson is in jail without bond while Massey’s public defender says there’s not enough evidence to charge him.