Program Air Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2019 – 9am

The Theology of Millennials and the Church

Here’s advice from the headlines.  (Always a good place to get advice.)  “Want Millennials Back in the Pews?  Stop Trying to Make Church ‘Cool’.”  “Church Can’t rely on ‘Bedrock Institution’ Status if it Wants to Attract Millennials.”  “The Black Church Can Engage More Black Millennials by Bringing Politics Back into the Pulpit.”  That’s just three of the millions of articles out there.  Millions.  But rather than stay focused on a bunch of internet blogs and opinion pieces, today we’ll look at… What does the Bible have to say about how to deal with differing demographic groups?  Is there a New Testament model for a young person’s church?

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  930 WFMD Host/Moderator of The Faith Debate.

Jonathan Switzer.  Founder of Crossed Bridges.  (

Michael Bartlett.  Pastor at Collective Church in Frederick.

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