Supreme Court Reverses Outcome On Gerrymandering Decision

The Supreme Court denies responsibility for policing partisan gerrymandering, leaving the states to handle it themselves.

Washington D.C. – Claims of partisan gerrymandering does not belong in federal court and should be handeled by the states says the Supreme Court in a ruling on Thursday.

In a 5-4 vote, justices voted to reverse a federal court ruling in Maryland and North Carolina to draw new congressional district maps due to partisan gerrymandering.

Congressman David Trone said the decision is now in the hands of the Senate to pass legislation for federal guidelines for all states to follow wih the upcoming 2020 census.

“Gerrymandering is one of the worst things about politics,” Trone said. “The politicians are picking the voters versus the voters picking the politicians.”

Trone said independent redistricting should take the politics out of the drawing of congressional maps.

“We’re in the middle to represent Democrats and Republicans to get things accomplished,” Trone said. “If people are in the extremes, nothing gets accomplished.”

By Timothy Young