Senator Van Hollen Announces Service Academy Appointments

12 high school students from western Maryland are being recommended.



Washington DC (KM) Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) says he’s appointed 12 high school students from western Maryland to the U-S Service Academies’ Class of 2023.

“The choice to serve our country carries with it great responsibility, sacrifice, and honor,” Van Hollen says in a statement. “Each of these students has demostratted an outstanding owrk ethic and integrity and will make a valuable contribution to our services academies.

The students are:

Name               City/Town                  Academy

Sirri Akaya      Hagerstown    United States Air Force Academy

Paul Medina*    Frederick       United States Air Force Academy

Christopher Smith    Mount Airy     United States Naval Academy

Natalie Markoff     Buckeystown     United States Naval Academy

Abigail McRea     Myersville       United States Naval Academy

Olivia Dart      Emmitsburg        United States Merchant Marine Academy

Abigail Morseberger    Mount Airy     United States Merchant Marine Academy

Natalie Dorsey     Westminster     United States Merchant Marine Academy

Abigail McRea      Myersville      United States Military Academy

Braeden Burnett      Westminster     United States Military Academy

Spencer Hose      Little Orleans      United States Military Academy

Dominic Rudakevych      Middletown     United States Military Academy

All of the nominated candidates must be accepted for appointment by the service academies they wish to attend.

“I applaud their decision to choose this path, and I was proud to support their efforts. I look forward to seeing the great things these young men and women will do in the years ahead,” Van Hollen says.


By Kevin McManus