Vehicle Theft Prevention Month Reminds Maryland Residents to Stay Safe

State police remind people to stay safe and vigilant with their cars.

Pikesville, MD – State Police and the Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council are warning motorists to make easy decisions to reduce the chance of their vehicles being stolen.

July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month and Police Spokesperson Ron Snyder said people need to remain vigilant to avoid simple mistakes that could cost them their vehicle or belongings.

“It’s all common sense stuff, it’s stuff we talk about all the time,” Snyder said. “But it’s stuff that can be easily overlooked when you’re out there.”

Snyder said the Vehicle Theft Prevention Council was created in 1994 as a resource dedicated to vehicle theft public awareness.

“This crime affects every part of the state and every demographic in the state,” Snyder said. “We spent all year getting the word out, creating PSAs, and just reminding people to don’t ever get complacent.”

The council wrote up several tips and reminders for drivers to keep their vehicles safe:

-Close and lock all windows and doors when you park.
-Park in well-lit areas.
-Do not leave the area while your vehicle is running.
-Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
-Always stow away your valuables.

Snyder said over 773,000 vehicles in the US were stolen in 2017 with 60% of the vehicles left unlocked and 50% of the cars having the keys left in the vehicle.