Razor Blade Discovered in Local Carnival Prize

A carnival game from the Reese & Community Volunteer Fire Company carnival had a razor hidden in one of it’s stuffed prizes.

Westminster, MD – A razor blade found in a stuffed animal Sunday has prompted a police investigation into a carnival game at the Reese & Community Volunteer Fire Company carnival in Carroll County.

A woman reported that she had won the stuffed animal from a “wiffle ball” game when she went to the carnival around 6pm on Saturday.

The women reported she heard a “crunch” when her dog was playing with the toy, revealing a razor blade hidden in the stuffed animal’s arm. The dog was not harmed.

Reese & Community Volunteer Fire Company is fully cooperating with police, stating the “wiffe ball game” was not owned by the fire company.

The invstigation is ongoing and authorities are advising people to check their stuffed animlas if they were won at that carnival game.

Only the one incident has been reported. Anyone with information should contact Deputy Merson at the Sheriff’s Office at 410-386-5900

By Timothy Young