Two People Indicted by Frederick County Grand Jury

FREDERICK, MD. (LG)   Two indictments were handed down on Friday by a Frederick County Grand Jury.   One was against Brandon Burnette, of Hagerstown.

“Burnette and his co-defendant, Perry Webb, also of Hagerstown, burglarized three residences in Brunswick on April 26th, 2019,” said Will Cockey, spokesman for the Frederick County States Attorneys Office.  “In the first incident in the 600 block of 6th Avenue, the resident came home to find a sliding glass door partially open, and when the resident went into the home they found that over $580.00 in cash, car keys, prescription drugs and collectible Wheaties boxes were missing from the residence.”

It was witnesses that helped police locate the suspects after giving a description of the involved vehicle.  “It (the vehicle)  was found in Hagerstown at the home of Perry Webb.  The reported stolen items were visibly seen inside of the vehicle.  Brandon Burnette was present in Webb’s home and was identified as the second suspect,” continued Cockey.

Also indicted was Richard Thomas Spencer, III, of Frederick, for robbing his employer.  “He is charged with burglary  and theft.”

Loretta Gaines