Maryland Comptroller Promotes Tax Free Week

No sales tax on clothing and footwear means savings for Maryland shoppers.



Frederick, MD- Comptroller Peter Franchot visited Frederick last weekend to raise awareness for Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week coming up next week.. During Tax-Free Week from August 11-17, merchants will not charge  the 6% sales tax on all clothing and footwear of  $100 or less (per item).

“It’s a great week to shop,” Franchot said. “We’re going early in the announcement because we want to make sure people realize they can save some real money.”

Franchot said August usually means low sales for stores, but the popularity of the program has made it one of the top sales weeks of the year. “It’s back to school shopping opportunities,” Franchot said. “It’s also something nice the state of Maryland is doing for it’s tax payers.”

A full list of everything taxable and non-taxable can be found below:


By Timothy Young