Discussion Continues On President’s Comments On Baltimore

Delegates Karen Lewis Young & Ric Metzgar talk about that during ‘Success Happens.’


Frederick, Md (KM) President Donald Trump’s comments on Baltimore continue to generate discussion. He referred to Maryland’s largest municipality as a “rat and rodent infested mess” “where no one wants to live.”

While acknowledging that Baltimore has problems with  high crime and homicide rates, Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young (D) said the city does not make the top ten lists when it comes to poverty and unemployment, or the worst traffic or pollution. :”Cities with the highest unemployment; not on the list of top 15. Cities with the worst traffic; not on the list. Cities with the worst pollution; not on the list. Cities with the highest level of poverty; not on the list of top 18,” she said.

Delegate Lewis Young called into the “Success Happens” program last Saturday on WFMD, where Baltimore County Delegate Ric Metzgar (R) was a guest. She called the President’s  remark singling out Baltimore “not very presidential.”

“Actually, the two people who can do the most to help insure that Baltimore has the resources and the ability to redevelop blighted neighborhoods and crumbling historic infrastructure are {Governor} Larry Hogan and {President} Donald Trump. And they’ve actually dismantled programs,” says Delegate Lewis Young.

“Governor Hogan, as you know, has torn down 4,000 blighted houses that were in disarray and disrepair,” Delegate Metzgar responded. “And that’s made space new housing, and new open space as well.”

Delegate Lewis Young also stood up for Baltimore when it came to spending the state money it receives. “In 2014, the General Assembly passed the 21st Century Act which will finance 24 new school buildings in Baltimore city; the first new schools in a generation. And Baltimore city matched the money, and city schools are on track, on time and on budget to complete all the schools,” she said.

But Delegate Metzgar said that’s not always been the case. “We’re talking billions and billions of dollars that have taken away. The Police Department, they’re  budgeted short, they’re 500 police officers short, but they still can’t pay overtime,” he said. “They’re 500 policemen short, but they still can’t pay their officers to spend even 10, 12, 14 hours a week on the overtime.”

Despite their differences, Delegate Metzgar said he believes he can work with Delegate Lewis Young to solve Baltimore city’s problems, and other issues.



By Kevin McManus