Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins on Mass Shootings: “I feel like we are prepared.”

The Sheriff said his office works closely with other departments to monitor hate groups.

Frederick, MD – After the US experienced two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio leaving at least 31 people dead, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said his department is monitoring persons of interests to stop attacks before they happen.

“We’re always monitoring the presence of hate groups,” Jenkins said. “We feel like we are prepared.”

Jenkins was a guest on WFMD’s Morning News Express with Bob Miller and said his department hosts active shooter trainings for businesses.

“We’ve done close to 100 presentations,” Jenkins said. “They got a taste of what it’s like, and what to expect from law enforcement.”

As of last week, the US has experienced 255 mass shootings and conversations continue on solutions regarding gun control. Jenkins said he is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, but believes there should be restrictions.

“I am a strong proponent, but there are things I think that I would be willing to accept,” Jenkins said. “Listen, I don’t see a need for a drum magazine on an AR rifle, I just don’t see it.”

The Dayton gunman’s weapon had a drum magazine that can carry up to 100 rounds of ammunition. He killed nine people and injured 27 within 30 seconds.

Maryland is one of 9 states that ban high capacity magazines. The others are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Vermont.

By Timothy Young