Gas Prices Continue To Fall Even During The Summer Driving Season

AAA says plentiful supplies are keeping prices down.


Towson, Md (KM) Anyone whose traveled by car, camper or RV to their summer destination knows that the cost  of getting there has been declining. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the price reached its  peek during the Memorial Day Weekend, and has been dropping ever since.

“National  gas prices average is $.2..64 {per gallon} which is down a nickel in the past week,” says spokeswoman Jeannette Teleja de Gomez. “But in Maryland, the state’s average is priced lower at $2.56 {per gallon} and it’s down seven-cents from the last week.”

She says in Frederick, the average prices of gasoline is $2.55 per gallon, a drop of eight-cents from last week, and 28-cents from the year before.

De Gomez says the plentiful supplies of crude oil and gasoline have kept prices dropping. “Our domestic gasoline stock built up  by a surprising 4.4-million barrels, according to the Energy Information Administration’s  latest data. And contributing to that build is was a  1.2-million barrels a day  imports at US ports,” she says. “Stocks now sit at 235-million barrels, a US stock level not seen since the end of March.”

AAA says this trend of falling gasoline prices is expected to continue until the end of summer. “At this point, we look to see continuing decline in gas prices so long as there are not any unexpected shifts in the market,” says de Gomez.


By Kevin McManus