Protesters Hold “Trial” to Protest Maryland Pipeline

State Officials and advocates gathered to protest the project.

Baltimore, MD – Protesters gathered in front of a Baltimore Courthouse on Tuesday to support the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ motion to dismiss an eminent domain lawsuit filed by Columbia Gas Transmission.

The construction project would result in a fracked-gas pipeline being built underneath the Western Maryland Rail/Trail.

Protesters held a “people’s court” demonstration in front of the Edward A. Garmatz Courthouse in Baltimore where they hosted advocates speaking out against Columbia Gas.

Tracy Cannon of the Eastern Panhandle Protectors spoke at the protest and said Columbia Gas’ construction will negatively affect the surrounding states.

“Columbia Gas is [guilty] of letting the weak, industry friendly laws of West Virginia govern what happens to the air and water of D.C., Maryland and Virginia,” Cannon said.

In January, Governor Hogan and the Maryland Board of Public Works unanimously rejected the company’s project to build a fracked-gas pipeline underneath the Western Maryland Rail/Trail. Columbia Gas sued the state Department of Natural Resources in May for eminent domain.

By Timothy Young