Stocks Drop 800 points Marking Biggest Drop of the Year

Investors are watching the market closely.

Frederick, MD – The Dow Jones dropped more than 5% on Wednesday, leading stockholders to question the imminent future of the market.

President of Murray Financial Group Chris Murray said there are various reasons the market dropped.

“You have the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China,” Murray said. “That’s worrying the markets and the investors as well.”

Murray said the 10 year treasury briefly dropped to the same 2007 threshold, typically predicting a recession.

However, Murray said there are several signs indicating a recession will not occur in the near future.

“When you kinda step back and look at the hard economic data, that would not suggest we are heading towards a recession,” Murray said. “The jobs market is very very strong for basically all classes across the United States.”

By Timothy Young