Gov Hogan Not In Favor of Tax Hikes for Education

Hogan says he won’t support big tax hikes for education plan

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) – Gov. Larry Hogan says he won’t support big tax increases to pay for a major education funding plan.

Hogan spoke Saturday at a conference of county officials in Ocean City, Maryland.

The Republican governor says the plan that is being considered by a state commission would require “billions and billions more in mandated spending increases for county and state taxpayers.”

Hogan says the Maryland Department of Budget and Management estimates that paying for the proposals would require a 39% increase in the personal income tax, an 89% increase in the sales tax, or a 535 percent increase in the property tax.

Hogan says none of those things will happen while he’s governor.

However, Hogan says he plans to propose $2 billion in new spending to help counties with school construction.