Local Businessman Receives State Award

It was presented on Monday to Joe Parsley By Md. Comptroller Peter Franchot.


Frederick, Md (KM) Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Monday presented the Cornerstone Award for Excellence in Local Business to Joe Parsley and his family, the owners and operators of Frederick Shell and Car Wash on West Patrick Street in Frederick. Franchot told a crowd of local elected officials and other members of the community that this award honors Parsley for his work as a businessman and for  his involvement in the community.

He says small, family owned businesses are part of the fabric of their communities, adapting to meet economic demands and have evolved to meet customer demands. “They strengthen Maryland’s economy through generating jobs and tax revenue, developing new ideas to better serve their consumers, leading by example, their industry and their community,” says Franchot.

He  says 70% of Maryland’s Gross Domestic Product of $370-billion comes from small businesses.;

In addition, he says, these businesses, like Frederick Shell and Car Wash, give back to their communities. Franchot says he’s especially impressed with Parsley’s support for the Foster and Adoptive Parents Association. “Gloria and Joe have taken care of one of 40 foster kids  over the past 20 yeas. That’s the work of the Lord,” he says. “This is just pure unadulterated altruism, and it’s reflected in their business.” Gloria is Joe Parsley’s wife. His daughter Melissa works at the business.

Parley, for his part,  says he was surprised by the honor. “And it’s a result of everybody’s work up here from all the different people over the years that have helped us be the station that we are, the community involved station that we are,” he says.

Parsley has hosted many fundraising events at the business over the years.  He says it’s important to give back. “And I think it’s really important as a business person that you show other people too that you need to give back. People are coming in here; they’re relying on you. We’ve been blessed and we need to pass that on to other people. And I think that everybody ought to try that once in a while. I think it will work out well for everyone,” he says.

The Cornerstone Award also honors Parsley for hiring employees who need a second chance, such as those who have overcome addictions and other complicated life situations.

Parsley was also presented with proclamations from the County Council and County Executive, and the Maryland General Assembly.


By Kevin McManus