Police Looking for Women Who Stole Cell Phones Worth $24,000

A woman pretending to be pregnant stole 29 cell phones in less than a minute

Gaithersburg, Md. (DG) – Montgomery County Police are looking for six women who are accused of stealing around $24,000 worth of cell phones from a Verizon store in Gaithersburg.

Surveillance video of the July 18th incident was released Wednesday. It shows five of the women were trying to divert the attention of store employees, while the sixth suspect entered an open storeroom and stole 29 cell phones in less than a minute.

Detectives say the woman who took the cell phones appeared to be pregnant. She was confronted by an employee. The other suspects started to overwhelm the employee before fleeing the store.

Police say the women may have modified their clothes to hide stolen items. They believe the suspect who took the phones pretended to be pregnant.

Anyone with information on this theft is asked to contact investigators.