Mount Saint Mary’s University Welcomes Third Largest Class

Despite declining numbers predicted across the US, the University said they hope to still grow.

Frederick, MD – Mount Saint Mary’s University opened their doors for a new school year, welcoming the class of 2022 which has been recorded as their third largest class in university history.

Mount Saint Mary’s University president said he’s looking forward to what the new class will accomplish.

“It’s a very well rounded and diverse group of freshmen joining us this year,” Trainor said. “What’s neat about this freshman class is they desire to serve.”

Trainor said as a small liberal arts college, they expect to face challenges in the upcoming years concerning lower enrollment rates which are expected across the nation with declining student populations.

“The number of families that can afford a private education is declining,” Trainor said. “We are responding and adjusting our pricing strategies and our financial aid so we can be affordable, and we are affordable.”

Mount Saint Mary’s recently completed a new campus activities center and are planning on expanding both their facilities and academic programs.

By Timothy Young