Maryland Comptroller: Fairgoers Could Find Unclaimed Property

People could unknowingly have unclaimed money owed to them.

Frederick, MD – Over $1.5 billion is currently unclaimed in the state of Maryland and the Comptroller’s office is trying to return it to their rightful owners.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot said his office will have a booth at the Great Frederick Fair to let the public search the database for unclaimed property.

“I’ll bet dollars to donuts that someone’s family member or neighbor or school friend is on that list,” Franchot said. “because we’re holding a lot of money for them.”

Franchot said the Comptroller’s office recently returned over $217 thousand at the Maryland State Fair with one man claiming an unexpected windfall of over $71 thousand.

Financial institutions, insurance companies, and other corporations are all required to report all unclaimed wages, deposit boxes and more to the Comptroller’s Office after 3 years.

The public can check if they are owed any unclaimed funds by going to the comptroller’s online database at

By Timothy Young