Job Hunt September 16, 2019

New jobs listed

Fleet Maintenance Assistant (1035942)

Perform and oversee a variety of duties to assist in the support the maintenance and repair of all company vehicles. This position will also be required to pick up and drop off company vehicles as service is requested or is completed. Position may also be required to make emergency calls out on the road to company vehicles that need assistance with mechanical issues such as the vehicle starting or involved in an accident and will need to be towed.

IT Support Tech (1035935)

This position will coordinate and provide support services to all office employees, field staff and computerized fabrication floor equipment. Travel to satellite locations and jobsites is required.


Receive, monitor and follow-up on all IT in-house requests. This includes but is not limited to, working with third-party IT Management resource for desktop/laptop user set up and support, AV equipment, working with third-party VOIP provider and overseeing cellular account….see full job description online!

Restaurant Management (1029861)

As a Unit Manager, you’ll be in charge of your own restaurant. You’ll go from learning the basics to being great at running our business to becoming efficient in all restaurant duties: cooking, cleaning, leadership, and building relationships with associates, customers, and the community. You will start receiving performance-based compensation which means you determine how much you make by creating sales and how well you run your restaurant. Typical compensation range: $45,000-$59,800/yr plus excellent benefits, including stock options.

Vice President – Operations (1033352)

The VP of Operations will provide executive leadership to the plant working towards the development of plans and strategies for continually improving safety, quality, customer relationships, productivity and financial success. The position is responsible for managing P&L activity for site, and aligning business solutions to support Company platform budgeted expectations. Will foster a culture that embraces continuous improvement, is client focused, conducts business in the highest ethical manner and promotes inclusive behavior designed to enable each member of the facility the ability to achieve personal and professional satisfaction through their daily activities. Will also manage separate functional departments or organizations by providing cohesive direction and leadership to ensure local initiatives support the strategic direction and conform to applicable divisional and company standards.

Marketing Intern (1035102)

The marketing intern will assist in providing creative ideas and help us to achieve our goals. The marketing intern will collaborate with our marketing and advertising team in all stages of marketing campaigns. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills. Duties include: creating and maintaining website and social media content; assisting in planning and creation of email marketing initiatives; assisting in designing promotional posters, flyers, and graphics; supporting events for Capital Campaign, Halloween and other retail promotions; and occasional manual labor such as lifting, pulling, pushing, etc.

Event Installer (1034438)

The event installer is involved with then installation of event equipment in venues all over the country. This position is responsible for loading and unloading cargo and setting up and striking the events. Some Essential Functions include:

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Moves, installs, and stores floors and tents, and other related objects for event installation.

2. Loading and unloading equipment onto vehicles and trucks for delivery to clients, venues, ant to return products to company warehouse.

3. Prepare, assemble, install and uninstall floors and tents, equipment, and any other event assets.

4. Possess basic electrical/electronics knowledge including working with lighting and LED installations.

CDL-A Truck Driver (1034518)

The truck driver position performs a variety of routine and complex transportation work in driving and coordinating transportation plans in support of the Public Works Department.

Fully understand how to operate and safely drive your assigned vehicle. May plan route to insure most economical use of time and equipment. Drive vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) over 26,000 lbs. Pick-up and safely transport goods, livestock, etc. to intended destination. Ensure contents are properly secured in truck, flatbed to prevent damage/injury. Obtain signatures to confirm and complete deliveries. ….and much more, see full description online!

HVAC/R Test Technician (1032465)

· Demonstrate basic knowledge of refrigeration & electrical components

· Must be familiar with HVAC & dehumidification systems

· Must have knowledge of different refrigerant gases

· Must have industrial knowledge to troubleshoot HVAC or environment control systems

· Ability to use all appropriate test equipment including, but not limited to, meters, refrigeration gauges, etc.

· Working knowledge of HVAC formulas used in sizing/selection of product & complete understanding of psychometric formulas

· Able to speak effectively with employees of the organization

· Able to work from & carry out instruction furnished in written, oral, or diagram form

· Other duties as assigned

Welder (1032456)

· Weld multiple material types in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions

· Remove and install rolls of weld wire & make equipment adjustments as necessary to properly weld

· Interpret blueprints & weld symbols to produce welds to print specification(s)

· Use proper welding technique & a make equipment adjustments as necessary to produce quality welds

· Repair defective welds to print specification(s)

· Prepare parts necessary for welding

· Clean up of welded parts per print specification(s)

· Follow written welding procedures, specifications and work instructions

· Assist team members in other areas of to Wemeet daily production goals

· Other duties as assigned

HVAC/R Service Manager (1032461)

The HVAC/R Service Manager plans and coordinates service activities concerned with installing equipment, investigating and resolving customer reports of technical problems with equipment, and eliminating future operational or service difficulties by performing the following duties.

· Supervise the installs of new or modified equipment at customer’s facility to ensure full functionality according to specifications.

· Review performance reports and documentation from customers and field representatives.

· Inspect malfunctioning or damaged equipment to determine nature and scope of the problem.

· Analyze review and inspection findings to determine the source of the problem, and recommends repair, replacement, or other corrective action.

· Coordinate problem resolution with engineering, customer service, and other personnel to expedite repairs….and more!

Freight Handler (1000734)

Full-time. Benefits after 60 days. Overtime available.

· Select merchandise for shipment and stack on pallet neatly by using a pallet jack or fork lift

· Correctly label product so that label can be seen on the outside of the pallet

· Perform vehicle safety inspections visually and operationally

· Verify quantity of the product

· Maintain a sanitary and safe work environment

· Keep work area tidy by picking up scrap wood, paper, plastic wrappers, and broken pallets

Yard Jockey (1032500)

Full-time. Benefits after 60 days.

· Pre-checks vehicle to ensure that the equipment is considered operable and safe.

· Able to drop and hook loaded and empty trailer. Yard management knowledge

· Operate Yard Truck in a safe manner during numerous roll-on/roll-off procedures daily involving loaded and empty containers as needed.

· Select merchandise for shipment and stack on pallet neatly by using a pallet jack or forklift

· Breakdown and restack merchandise from pallets during random audits.

· Correctly label product so that label can be seen on the outside of the pall

· Keep work area tidy by picking up scrap wood, paper, plastic wrappers, and broken pallets.