Two Suspected Montgomery County Carjackers In Jail In North Carolina

One is a juvenile charged as an adult.


Rockville, Md (KM) Two suspects in a carjacking in Germantown on Friday, September 6th, are behind bars in North Carolina. Montgomery County Police say detectives have secured warrants for Kenneth Darnell Davis, 18, of an unconfirmed address, charging him with carjacking and assault offenses. Kimberly Morales, 16, of Montgomery Village, is charged as an adultĀ  also with carjacking and assault offenses.

Authorities say the two allegedly stole a car from the parking lot of a 7-11 at 19700 Frederick Road. .

At around 1:15 AM on Friday, September 6th, the owner of the car had left his vehicle unlocked with the motor running as he entered the store to make a purchase. After seeing two individuals get into the vehicle, he went outside and confronted them. Police say he opened the passenger side door of his car, and tried to pull the two individuals out. The male suspect, who was in the driver’s seat, backed the vehicle and struck the victim with the open passenger door. The victim fell on to the pavement.. The male suspect drove away at a high rate of speed.

The victim was taken to the a local hospital with serious injuries.

Montgomery County Police say . the vehicle was found in New Hope, North Carolina the next day, and Davis and Morales were taken into custody.


By Kevin McManus