4-H and FFA Beef Competition Presents ‘Outstanding’ Steer with Championship Title

The animals will go on sale Thursday.

Frederick, MD – Steer of all shapes and colors were presented at the Great Frederick Fair on Wednesday as a part of the 4-H/FFA Beef Competition.

A red haired, crossbred steer by the name of Otis weighing 1,361 pounds was selected as the grand champion.

The steer was shown by 17-year-old Jason Baust of Rocky Ridge who had also shown a steer placed grand champion the year prior.

“This is my 10th year in 4-H,” Baust said. “We’ve been feeding [Otis], rinsing him every day, just taking care of him and getting him ready for this show.”

Beef judge Luke Lemenager of Hudson, Illinois was flown in to judge some of the livestock competitions and said Baust’s steer was “Outstanding” and better than he expected to see in Maryland.

Jason Baust poses with Otis


Lemenager said he has a set of criteria he looks for in winning steer.

“Kind of like a body builder,” Lemenager said. “Something with some real muscle and some shape to it.”

A Hereford steer shown by Ella Jacobs, 15, was named Reserve Grand Champion and a black crossbred steer shown by Jacob Kolega, 14 was named the Legacy Steer.

The Legacy Steer is a new award created honor of 13-year-old 4-H member Kaisy Knott, who had passed away from a rare brain cancer last September.

The 4-H/FFA beef, sheep and swine will be sold at the Fair on Thursday at 5:30PM

By Timothy Young