Grand Champion Steer Sells for $8,500 at FFA/4-H Beef, Sheep and Swine Auction

The 1,361 pound steer sold for $6.25 a pound

Frederick, MD – The FFA/4-H Beef, Sheep and Swine Sale was held at the Great Frederick Fair Thursday night to auction off over 200 animals to businesses and members of the community.

4-H and FFA members had shown their animals to judges throughout the week and were able to have the animals auctioned off.

The Grand Champion steer was sold for $8,500 and was bought by Concrete General Incorporated. They also bought the Grand Reserve Champion steer for $4,726.

The Grand Champion steer was shown by 17-year-old Jason Baust of Rocky Ridge who had purchased the steer in September of last year.

“His name is Otis and he weighs 1,361 [pounds],” Baust said. “We’ve been feeding him, rinsing him every day, just taking care of him and getting him ready for this show.”

Baust showed a grand champion last year that was sold for $19 a pound.

Other grand champion winners were sold at the auction including the Grand Champion swine shown by Mickinzi Ferguson of Walkersville.

The swine was bought for $2,327 by PNC Bank at $9.50 per pound.

The legacy steer sold for $5,141.The award was created in honor of 13-year-old 4-H member Kaisy Knott who passed away passed away from a rare brain cancer in September 2018.

By Timothy Young