Maryland Delegate Proposes Hate Crime Amendment: The John Weed Dignity Act

The act would include refusal to donate or pay money as a criteria for a hate crime.

Frederick, MD – Following the death of a man at the Great Frederick Fair last Friday, Delegate Dan Cox drafted and submitted an amendment to the MD Hate Crimes Statute.

Dubbed the “John Weed Dignity Act,” the bill proposes additional material to the Hate Crimes Statute to include “refusal to donate money or pay anyone money or any tangible thing” as a motive for a hate crime.

Also added to the statute among possible actions taken to during a hate crime is a person may not:

“Intentionally throw, spit, place, smear, eject or otherwise touch, or attempt to do any of the same, any bodily fluids or excrement or any fluids or solids upon any person.”

The amendment’s details and name of the bill is in reference to the events currently under investigation regarding the death of John Weed who was assaulted at the Frederick Fair last Friday.

Two juvenile suspects in connection to the incident were arrested and are currently in custody.

The change to the law has been submitted for review to the Maryland Legislature.


By Timothy Young