Cyber Expert Melissa Hathaway to Speak at Hood College

The discussion is a part of Hood College’s Cotton Cyber Lecture Series.

Frederick, MD – Cyber security expert Melissa Hathaway is scheduled to speak at Hood College this Thursday to discuss the risks, policies and best practices when it comes to keeping technology safe.

Hathaway’s talk “Cyber security: A National Priority” will cover the issues of cyber security and how they affect organization around the world.

“It first has to start with a conversation,” Hathaway said. “We’re not talking about what’s happening, and so therefore we can’t get to creative solutions to solve the problem.”

Hathaway is the president of Hathaway Global Strategies LLC and has been a past consultant for former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Hathaway said Baltimore is an example of security issues, referencing the malware incident of May 2019 when most of Baltimore’s government computer systems were infected with a virus and taken offline.

“Our critical infrastructures as they are becoming more connected to the internet are also still very vulnerable,” Hathaway said. “[It’s] because we didn’t design them to be secure or resilient.”

The lecture is located at Hodson Auditorium, Rosenstock Hall on the Hood College campus and takes place Oct. 3 at 7PM.

By Timothy Young