Frederick County, Hood College Announce Two Initiatives

One would give county employees a break on tuition if they attend Hood.


Frederick, Md (KM) Two new initiatives were announced on Thursday.  During a public information briefing at Winchester Hall, Hood College President Andrea Chapdelaine introduced the NeighborHOOD Partners Program. “This will program will provide a reduced tuition rate to our graduate and undergraduate academic programs to all Frederick County employees and their dependents,” she said.

President Chapdelaine says this program should help provide an educational benefit for Frederick County employees and their families. “We hope that by doing so, we can grow the number of Frederick County students that are here with us, and hopefully will stay in Frederick County and contribute to this great community in which we live.”

She and County Executive Jan Gardner signed an agreement setting up the  NeighborHOOD Partners Program.

A second initiative will allow Hood College to use two county-owned greenhouses at the Scott Key Center to grow fresh local produce which will be provided to the Frederick Food Security Network. “The Food Security is a network of community gardens that are used to improve food security for residents who have limited access to fresh foods,” says County Executive Gardner.

In return, Hood will recruit and train volunteers and students to work there and grow plants to feed community members. The college will also provide education outreach programs for the community.

“This partnership with the Scott Key Center, and of course with Frederick County, to utilize the greenhouses has an enormous benefit to the Frederick County, and, of course, our own students,” says Chapdelaine. “We, through this process,  will enable us to produce food throughout the winter, which has been an issue.”

The greenhouses were previously used by the Scott Key Center to provide employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. The Center hasn’t  use the greenhouses since it established the Employment First program, which allows clients to find jobs and internships with local employers.



By Kevin McManUS