Survivor’s Foundation set to Raise $2 Million to Fight Breast Cancer

The Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund is set to raise funds with two events this month.

Frederick, MD – Breast cancer affects one in eight women across the country, but one women survived her diagnosis and decided to help other people fight back against the disease.

Patty Hurwitz was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 20 years ago and decided to start a foundation dedicated to providing the most innovative options in early detection and treatment for breast cancer.

“This was a part of my healing,” Hurwitz said. “I wanted to just start doing something.”

The Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund was established in 1999 and has raised almost $2 million towards enhancing the Frederick-based facilities for breast cancer treatment.

Two upcoming events from the fund are happening this month to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon 5k is this Saturday at Hood College with prizes going to the top fundraising teams and individuals.

The 20th Annual Pink Ribbon Gala is October 26th at the New Spire Stages in downtown Frederick, featuring food, a macigian, the Dueling Pianos, and a chance to win a diamond.

Proceeds from both events benefit the Breast Cancer Fund Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund . More information on the Pink Ribbon Gala and the 5k can be found at

By Timothy Young