New Monocacy River Board Introduced By County Executive

This follows Carroll County’s decision to set up its own Monocacy River board.



Frederick, Md (KM). Frederick County will be forming its own Monocacy River board. During her public information briefing on Thursday morning, County Executive Jan Gardner announced the establishment of the Sustainable Monocacy Commission.

Gardner says the nine-member panel will recommend policies to improve water quality, and maintain and restore the ecological health of the Monocacy. “Review studies, policies and regulations that affect the Monocacy; make recommendations on federal, state and local programs that may have an impact on the river; educating the public and raising awareness about the Monocacy’s environmental, cultural, recreational resources; and preparing a report annually or as appropriate for the County Council and the County Executive,” she says.

This action follows a decision last week by the Carroll County Commissioners to form their own Monocacy River board. The two counties have disagreed on which way to preserve the river. The County Council approved a plan earlier this year which keeps a 2017 document in place. The Carroll County Commissioners adopted a 2018 plan in November.

Gardner says it’s a positive thing for Frederick County to go its own way. “I do think it’s a good thing that we’re moving forward with our own sustainable Monocacy River commission,” she says “It is an opportunity to have a fresh start, and to focus on protecting and sustaining the Monocacy River.”

But Gardner says the panel will meet from time to time with their counterparts in Carroll County. “And because we know what happens on one side of the river can impact all of the river,¬† the legislation also calls for continued conversation with the Carroll County board,” she says. “The Sustainable Monocacy Commission would meet and collaborate with their¬† counterparts in Carroll County each year, or as agreed upon by the two boards.”

Gardner says the legislation setting up this board will be introduced to the County Council by President M.C Keegan-Ayer. The Council will hold hearings on the bill, and take a vote.



By Kevin McManus