Roof Expected To Be Replaced At Frederick City Hall Next Year.

It could cause some inconveniences   to visitors, elected officials, employees.


Frederick, Md (KM) Roof replacement work is expected to begin next year at Frederick City Hall. . “The shingles are very close to the end of their useful life,” says Kevin Kneer, with Proffitt and Associates, the Senior Architect on the project. “Also, the flashing and the copper gutters are also in significantly bad shape.”

“The other thing that we’ll be doing is repairing the chimneys,”: he says. “Some of them simply need to be repointed. There is one particular chimney that needs to be reconstructed.”

Kneer and Etinosoa Oida with the City’s Public Works Department gave a briefing to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on the project last Wednesday during a Workshop.

The time line is to have contractors submit bids beginning and December and continuing through January. Kneer says the winning bid will be presented to the Mayor and Board in March for their consideration. “As the weather turns in the spring of next year, we hope to authorize the contractor to start, work through the summer and this time next year be wrapping up the project,” he says.

He says the project will mean scaffolding will be placed on all four sides of City Hall, and parking will be restricted. “As you can image,  the logistics involved is going to require temporarily closing off some parking place so the contractor can have free and unfettered access to the building to transport materials, take materials off the project site and complete their work,” says Kneer.

The backside of the building would have two exits for fire safety, and a covered walkway or sidewalk to protect those people inside the building  if necessary. Along with that, the sidewalk and entrance on Church Street would be covered and remain the handicapped accessible entrance to City Hall..

But Kneer says citizens, elected officials and employees will still be able to have access to City Hall while work is underway. “Maintain the front entrance, and protect it with a covered safety structure–a tunnel–to prevent any materials from falling and injuring someone on the main steps,” he says.

Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak said she was concerned about access to City Hall, and the parking. “I’m really concerned about access-egress from City Hall itself because I want people to get in and out. And I’m concerned about parking because, as we know, parking is an issue in the downtown,” she said.

“Safety is very important. We need the scaffolding to be able to put the dropped objects protection so you don’t have objects falling down from the roof and getting somebody injured. So safety is the most important thing,” said Odia. “Most of the time, in order to have a safe environment, you have some kind of inconveniences.”

Officials told the Mayor and the Aldermen that they would take these concerns about access and parking into consideration when awarding the contract.


By Kevin McManus