Next Generation 911 Could Be Coming To Frederick County In 2020

It will help dispatchers locate those in need who call using a smart phone.


Frederick, Md (KM) With the increasing use of smart phones, Frederick County’s Emergency Management Center will be adapting. Jack Markey, the county’s Director of the Emergency Management Division, says Next Generation 911 is expected to be up and running within the next 12- to 18-months.

During a presentation on Tuesday to the County Council, Markey says the old form of 911 allowed dispatchers at the Emergency Communications Center to track the nearest cell phone tower if someone was using a mobile phone, even if that may not be  where the person who needs help is calling from. “The Next Generation of 911, the one we’re are working on bringing to life in Frederick County as we speak, will take the intelligence of your smart phone when you dial 911–only when you dial 911–it will give us the ability to know where your phone is,” he said.

And that will enable police, or fire and rescue to get to the person needing help as fast as possible.

Markey says the Next Generation 911 will use the GPS and all of the sensors that are part of a smart phone today to help locate individuals who need help.

“We’re anxious to bring that to life in Frederick County in 2020 in service to our community,” he says.

Markey is a member of the Maryland Next Generation 911 Commission.


By Kevin McManus