40 Immigrants to Become U.S. Citizens at 23rd Annual Naturalization Ceremony

November 5 will be named Naturalization Day in Frederick.

Frederick, MD – 40 immigrants from various countries will become US citizens next month as they partake in the 23rd Annual Naturalization Ceremony.

The ceremony is hosted by the Frederick County Human Relations Commission and is November 5 at 11 a.m. on the first floor hearing room of Winchester Hall, 12 East Church Street.

The ceremony features Oneyda Escobar as the keynote speaker as well as County Executive Jan Gardner who encourages Frederick County residents to attend the ceremony.

“This will be a very special day when the United States of America will welcome these individuals with open arms, as we have welcomed immigrants for literally hundreds of years,” Gardner said. “We are a stronger nation because of people like this, who longed to be part of the great American experience.”

Gardner will also present a proclamation, naming November 5 as Naturalization Day in Frederick County.

According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, between 700,000 and 750,000 people become U.S. citizens through the naturalization process every year. Maryland was the 10th highest state for naturalized citizen residency in fiscal 2016, .

Each person taking the oath of citizenship will swear to serve the United States and to support and defend the Constitution.



By Timothy Young