Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

October is Car Care Month

Frederick, MD – Winter is quickly approaching, and October is considered by professionals to be the best time to prepare your vehicle for incoming harsh weather that could cause lasting damage.

AAA Director of Car Care Chris Storms said October is car care month and preventative maintenance can save drivers money in the long run .

“It’s a perfect month to make your vehicle winter ready,” Storms said. “There’s plenty of time to deal with the potential cost of repairs before winter weather sets in.”

Storms listed several preventative maintenance steps to take that could reduce the liklihood of a vehicle sustaining unnecessary wear and tear.

– Check your tire treads and pressure are adequate for higher levels of rain and snow.

– Check your antifreeze, engine coolant, and oil levels.

– Check the belts and tubes to ensure they aren’t worn down and have retained their flexibility and resistance to cold and freezing temperatures

Storms said if preventative maintenance is avoided, drivers risk costly repairs and also life-threatening situations.

“If a hose breaks, a belt breaks, your tires low on tread and you get a flat tire or run off the road,” Storms said. “You want to prevent those dangerous situations.”

In addition to preventative maintenance, Storms encouraged motorists to keep a winter survival kit in their car which could include flashlights, shovels, jumber cables, snacks, blankets and more.

A more detailed list to prepare your car and to be safe on the roads this winter can be found at

By Timothy Young