Verdict Expected Friday In Torres Trial

The pediatrician has been on trial this week for sexually assaulting one of his patients.


Frederick, Md (KM). A Frederick pediatrician whose been on trial this week for sexually assaulting one of his patients, an 18-year-old woman, is expected to learn his fate on Friday. Dr. Ernesto Torres is charged with  2nd-degree rape, 4th-degree sex offense and 2nd-degree assault.

The trial wrapped up on Thursday as the prosecution and the defense presented their closing arguments.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says during the trial, a recording of an interview of Dr. Torres conducted by a police detective was played in the court. As he was being questioned, Dr. Torres admitted that he may have touched the victim’s genitals while undergoing a medical exam. Smith says the prosecution believes Dr. Torres forced himself on the victim while she was having  an anxiety attack. “I have no idea why  someone would be sticking their hands another person’s pants during an anxiety med check. But that was their claim albeit I think one that’s beyond comprehension,” he says.

The victim took the stand and said the doctor moved his hands straight down her pants in order to touch her. “We believe very strongly, especially due to a change in the law that says resistance is no longer required to prove force, that he forced himself upon this young lady. It’s was against her will without her consent, and that’s sufficient enough to find him guilty,” he says.

Smith says the judge will announce her verdict in  the case on Friday at 3:00 PM.

Earlier this week, Dr. Torres waived his right to a jury trial,and asked for a bench trial. That’s where a judge makes a decision on whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty rather than a jury..

Dr. Torres was arrested in May for sexually assaulting at least 12 of his patients.


By Kevin McManus