Sheriff Jenkins on Thin Blue Line Flag Controversy: “This is disgraceful”

Several officials have supported or criticized the decision.

Frederick, MD – The decision of a Montgomery County Executive to restrict the public display of a “thin blue line” flag at a police station has drawn criticism from Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins who said the decision is “disgraceful.”

Sheriff Jenkins was a recent guest on Fox and Friends and said he was disagreed with Executive Marc Elrich’s decision.

“I’m outraged,” Jenkins said. “This is disgraceful, it’s disrespectful. The county executive has become an embarrassment to Montgomery County.”

The wooden flag was to gifted to the 5th District police station from a Germantown resident.

Elrich said in his statement the flag was removed because “the flag provides a symbol of support to some but it is a symbol of dismissiveness to others,” referencing criticisms of the flag being linked to excusing police violence.

“I think this shows his pattern of what he’s going to be as a county executive,” Jenkins said. “… It’s really foolish.”

News sites have reported the donated flag is at the 5th District station, but the decision is being respected and is not being publicly displayed.

By Timothy Young