WDVM’s Veteran’s Voices to Air this Weekend

It will premiere November 10th

Hagerstown, MD – Local Maryland TV station, WDVM will be premiering their Veterans day installation of “Veterans Voices” this weekend.

The program gives veterans opportunities to give their first-hand accounts of their time in the service.

WDVM Anchor Ross Simpson is an Air Force veteran and will be hosting the hour-long program.

“Almost all [veterans] have a story to tell,” Simpson said. “Few of them have actually told that story.”

Simpson said he sought out veterans in every branch of the military to collect and preserve their personal accounts, hoping to inspire future generations.

Simpson interviewed veterans of WWII as well as the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Simpson recounted one interview with a veteran from Taneytown that escaped German capture by employing the help of some cows in a Belgian village.

“He guide[d] them towards the forest and he [was] walking behind the cows for cover,” Simpson said. “He said that any good German who knew about cows would know that a cow doesn’t have 6 legs.”

“Veterans Voices” will premiere on November 10 at 9 p.m. on the 101st anniversary of Veterans day. Channel listings can be found at LocalDVM.com

By Timothy Young