Rezoning Needed for Golden Mile Entertainment Center

The building needs to be zoned as general commercial.

Frederick, MD – In wake of a new cinema scheduled to open next summer at the building of the vacant Frederick Towne Mall, other entertainment projects might be coming to the same location.

Under the new name of District 40, the project is undergoing negotiations with potential tenants to establish an entertainment center on U.S. 40.

Golden Mile Alliance Vice president Joe Parsley said the center could revitalize the local economy of the area.

“I’m extremely excited to finally have something happen down there,” Parsley said. “I think it will be a catalyst to bring in a lot of new growth.”

The space was previously zoned with conditions to match the planned Walmart Supercenter back in 2013, but now the space must be rezoned to general commercial to allow new tenants.

The city of Frederick’s Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday November 12 to vote on the rezoning of the building.

Parsley said the new project has potential and would stimulate growth in the area.

“Let’s bring it on and see what we come up with,” Parsley said.


By Timothy Young