County Council Considers Bill to Ban Releasing Balloons

The council discussed concerns on enforcement.

Frederick, MD – The Frederick County Council met Tuesday and discussed proposed legislation that would ban the intentional release of balloons.

Councilman Kai Hagen sponsored the bill and proposed a fine up to $250 could be placed against anyone that intentionally released balloons.

“This is litter,” Hagen said. “How do you get around the fact in the first place that it’s litter?”

Hagen said the bill’s purpose is to reduce the pollution that is caused by the plastics found in balloons.

“If you support having laws to ban litter…” Hagen said. “Why would you not include this sort of purposeful littering?”

Hagen said the law would deter large organizations from planning the mass release of balloons at events like football games and other large gatherings

The bill was questioned by some council members, remarking on the difficulty of enforcing the law.

“I would rather see you educate than legislate,” Council Vice President Michael Blue said.

Hagen said the law would be enforced by the sheriff’s office and would be similar to enforcing current anti-littering laws.

By Timothy Young