What’s the future of Vaping?

Several states have already implemented restrictions or bans.

Frederick, MD – Over 30 deaths and 1,600 lung injuries across the United States have been linked to vaping, implying a lack of safety in the safe alternative for cigarettes.

The CDC reported the numbers and several states and cities have made motions to restrict the sale of electronic cigarette products or to ban them completely.

No laws regarding vaping are currently in place except for an age restriction, but several legislators are advocating for new laws for the purpose of preventing more injuries and deaths.

WFMD asked local residents their thoughts on vaping and new regulations.

“The fact that people have died from it is horrendous,” Darla from Frederick said. “That tells me it’s not safe.”

“I think the deaths are tragic,” Nick from Damascus said. “But overall, you should be able to do what you want.”

“I think [vaping is] a good start from quitting cigarettes, but essentially you are putting nicotine in your body,” Hannah from Frederick said. “So it needs to be regulated the same way cigarettes are.

Several states like Michigan have put bans on all flavored vaping products to curb the likelihood of teenagers using them.

President Trump announced last month that the federal government would work to remove flavored e-cigarettes markets.

By Timothy Young