Officials Gather for Groundbreaking of Frederick Veterans Center

It’s the first of its kind in the area.


Frederick, MD – A groundbreaking ceremony for a center that will offer programs and services for over 100,000 local veterans was hosted Monday morning.

The Platoon Veteran Services Center at Goodwill is a project based at the intersection of Broadband Drive and Monocacy Boulevard and is the result of a partnership between Frederick nonprofit Platoon 22 and Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley.

The center will be a part of a 40,000 square foot building which also includes a Goodwill store and their administrative offices.

President and Co-Founder of Platoon 22, Danny Farrar partnered with fellow veteran, Monocacy Valley Goodwill CEO Michael Meyer to build the center and said they want to help veterans readjust to civilian life.

“Our veterans didn’t wait for anyone else when America called. They stood up and said ‘send me,'” Farrar said. “Today, with the groundbreaking of the platoon veteran service center at Goodwill, Frederick County states unequivocally: Welcome back.”

Farrar said the center hopes to prevent issues that veterans face when they return including homelessness, substance abuse and suicide.

“Despite all of the advances we have made in our ability to wage war and protect the bodies of the war fighter on the battlefront, we remained unable to make any sizable advancement in helping them protect their minds and their souls when their time with the war is over,” Farrar said.

State Senator Ron Young spoke at the ceremony and said he was impressed with the Farrar and Meyer’s vision.

“A lot of people point out needs and complain about things,” Young said. “I really admire the people who point them out and then do something about them, and that’s what they did.

Young said he is spoke with the Chair of the Capital Budget Committee and they are looking to secure funds from the state to support the center.

By Timothy Young