Public Awaits Downtown Frederick Hotel

City and county officials are scheduled to create an agreement with the developer.

Frederick, MD – A new 20,000-square-foot hotel and conference center is in the works for downtown Frederick with the project being possibly completed without state funds.

$5 million of city and county funds were planned to be contributed towards the project, but the funds were never voted to be released. The developer is considering moving forward without the state’s help.

The proposed hotel and conference would be developed by who operate four hotels in Frederick and two in Hagerstown.
Plamondon Hospitality Partners

The multi-million-dollar hotel would have 200 rooms and would be located at 200-212 E. Patrick St.

WFMD asked Frederick residents their thoughts on the new project and how a hotel and conference in downtown could affect the city.

“I do live near downtown Frederick and I think [the hotel] might actually turn out well,” Allison Grujich said. “I feel like traffic could possibly get a little worse… but traffic’s always bad.”

“I think it’s a great idea long overdue” Marvin from Frederick said. “Frederick always handles things when they have big events.”

“[Frederick is] a beautiful town to be able to use,” said Darla of Frederick who frequently attends conferences in the area. “I can imagine for businesses and for restaurants it would be a win-win.”

Officials have said negotiations and financing with Plamondon are in progress and must be completed before any moves towards development can be made.

By Timothy Young