Health Tips for Bladder Health Awareness Month

Bladder issues affect billions.

Frederick, MD – November is National Bladder Health Awareness month, encouraging people to take control of their health and seek the help they might need.

According to the American Urological Association, billions of people struggle with bladder conditions and disease.

“Normally, you can go about your day… and not ever really have to worry about where the closest bathroom is,” Dr. Rena Malik said. “But as soon as your bladder health becomes an issue, we start noticing and it becomes a real detriment to our quality of life.”

Malik said there can be a variety of reasons linked to bladder health including dehydration, too much caffeine consumption and tobacco use.

“Other bladder irritants that sometimes affect people are spicy foods, acidic foods and artificial sweeteners,” Malik said. “You could also make sure you’re not constipated and try to keep yourself at a healthy body weight.”

National Bladder Health Awareness month seeks to bring awareness to various conditions that can be preventable and treatable including bladder leakage, overactive bladder, bed wetting, and reoccuring urinary tract infections.

Malik said Bladder Health Awareness month serves to remind people of the steps they can take to prevent bladder issues as well as recognize when the issues exist.

“Taking good care of your bladder now is important so you don’t get the point where you actually have these issues that affect your quality of life,” Malik said.

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By Timothy Young