Residents Urged To Dispose Of Cooking Grease Properly

Officials say don’t dump it down the drain.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Holidays mean a lot of food preparation.. .With that in mind, the Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management is reminding citizens, restaurants and service organizations to never pour kitchen grease or oils down the drain. That can lead to backups and costly plumbing repairs.

County officials say it’s best to let the grease cool in a pan, and scrape it into a can, such as a soup can. Then throw it in the trash once it has solidified.

They also recommend:

* Avoid pouring cooking grease and oil, butter and render fat down the drain

* Avoid placing food that contains fats, oil, and grease into the garbage disposal

* Use a paper towel or napkin to absorb cooking oil and grease before washing

* Scrape food and grease from dishes into the garbage prior to washing

Sources of kitchen grease includes meat fats from the Thanksgiving turkey, bacon, sausages and beef, along with lard, cooking oil, butter, baking products, milk and dairy products and other food scraps.

“Fats, oils and grease used for cooking or as a result of cooking can wreak havoc on the sanitary sewer drains and wastewater system if not disposed of properly,” says Kevin Demosky, Director of the Division of Utilities and Solid Waste, in a statement. “Often these clogs may develop in household plumbing and can be costly to the resident. Grease build-up in public sewer systems may cause overflows and result in untreated sewage spilling on the ground and reaching waterways, which is extremely important for public health and environmental reasons.”

For more information regarding the proper disposal of grease, visit, or call the Division at 301-600-1825.



By Kevin McManus