Driver Assistance Systems Could Lead to More Distracted Drivers

Researchers say new technology shouldn’t replace attentive drivers.

Towson, MD – Drivers comfortable with using advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like cruise control and lane-keeping assist, are nearly twice as likely to become distracted drivers when compared to those that don’t, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

In a partnership with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, AAA studied the on-road behaviors of two groups of drivers using advanced driver assistance technology.

AAA Spokesperson Regina Ali said the group of drivers familiar with ADAS are more likely to become distracted, taking their eyes off the road to adjust the radio or look at their phone.

“While these systems can certainly offer comfort and safety,” Ali said. “They should never replace an attentive and engaged driver.”

AAA offers three simple steps for driving with ADAS.

– Always remain active and engaged when using ADAS technologies like lane-keep assist or adaptive cruise control.
– Commit to knowing what ADAS technologies are installed on your vehicle and how they work.
– Expect that the advanced driver assistance technologies in your vehicle have limitations.

“Technology can certainly fail,” Ali said. “And we don’t want motorists becoming overly reliant on these technologies.”

By Timothy Young