Evacuation At Wastewater Treatment Plant in Martinsburg, WV

Due to a chemical leak.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG)    Authorities are reporting that a good portion of Martinsburg, West Virginia was  evacuated, including the courthouse Monday morning.   Officials with the Berkeley County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management tells news outlets that a mixture of chlorine gas was created when two products used at the treatment plant were accidentally mixed together about 6 a.m.

“One of the workers accidentally mixed sodium hypochlorate and ferric chloride together,” said Chad Schifflett, Public Information Coordinator, Berkley County Council.  “About 150 people were evacuated.  There could be more,” Schifflett continued.

There were no explosions due to the chemical mixture, Schifflett added.  “Some people had to go to the hospital for breathing problems.”

The treatment plant is in the 500 block of East John Street, east of downtown.



By Loretta Gaines