Frederick Program to Help Reduce Risk for Type Two Diabetes

The orientation for the program is January 15

Frederick, MD – The Frederick County Health Department is accepting applicants for their next “Prevent T2” class which helps participants reduce their risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

The group program is a part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program and focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle changes for individuals at high risk to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Health Educator Angie Blair with the Frederick County Health Department said the program has two core goals: losing a modest amount of weight and adding more physical activity to your routine.

“The group support element is one of the things that helps the program really work,” Blair said. “People really learn a lot from one another and they appreciate the support from one another.”

Blair said the program is only for those that have been told they are prediabetic or have scored high on a prediabetes risk test.

The CDC reported in 2015 that over 84 million Americans have prediabetes. Individuals with prediabetes can reduce their risk by 58% by losing 5-8% of their body weight.

The Prevent T2 orientation is Jan 15 at 530pm at the Frederick County Health Department (Entrance B). Space is limited

More information can be found at

By Timothy Young