Frederick Health Hospital Institutes Flu Restrictions For Visitors

Visitors with flu-like symptoms are encouraged not to visit the hospital.


Frederick, Md (KM) If you’re planning to visit Frederick Health Hospital, you need to know about its flu visitor policy. The hospital strongly urges you not to visit if you have flu-like symptoms such as a fever, sore throat, muscle aches, coughing or chills. Those at risk of infection such as children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations are discouraged from visiting at this time.

A patient may only have two healthy visitors at a time.

You’re also urged to use the flu stations at each entrance when you visit, and to¬† clean your hands with hand sanitizers¬† located throughout the hospital, and use a mask when visiting.

If you are a visitor or patient with flu-like symptoms who must be at Frederick Health Hospital, officials say you need to wear a mask and avoid crowded areas such as the cafeteria or the gift shop.

Frederick Health Hospital says it reserves the right to ask you to leave and come back at another time if you are not healthy or display signs of illness.

Anyone with questions should call 240-566-4445. TDD: 240-566-3592.


By Kevin McManus