Frederick Delegate Cox on General Assembly: The Kirwan Commission, the 2nd Amendment, and More

The Assembly started last Wednesday.

Frederick, MD – The 90-day Maryland General Assembly gaveled into session last Wednesday with legislators introducing and discussing various bills and policies.

Delegate Dan Cox of Frederick County said he is looking forward to more of the General Assembly and has several policies he looks to address.

“It’s a real honor and privilege to be down here,” Cox said. “The austerity and honor of the place is always thrilling.”

Cox said he is looking to discuss the Kirwan Commission with fellow Republicans and moving forward with only certain pieces of the policy.

“[The Kirwan Commission] is a $32 billion recommendation that has no funding source,” Cox said. “I think the issue is going to be making sure we can take pieces of the recommendations that may be beneficial such as ensuring more dollars go to the classroom and less of the money going to a dark hole of administrative work.”

Cox said he is pushing for other policies which include the implementation “John Weed Dignity Act,” a proposed bill that adds additional material to the Hate Crimes Statute to include “refusal to donate money or pay anyone money or any tangible thing” as a motive for a hate crime.

The name of the bill is in reference to the incident that resulted in the death of John Weed who was assaulted at the Frederick Fair last September.

Cox said he also is looking into the implementation of Maryland veterans initiatives and also preventing Maryland from becoming a sanctuary state.

Cox said he will also be attending a hearing this Wednesday to opposed the HB 4 bill that would require background checks by Federal Firearms Licensees for private loans and loans of long guns.

By Timothy Young