Md. Man Pleads Guilty In Florida For Making Threats To Hispanics

He’s scheduled to be sentenced in March.


Miami, Fl (KM) A Maryland man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to making threats over social media to injure and kill Hispanics. The US Attorney’s Office in South Florida says Eric Lin,35, of Clarksburg knowingly and intentionally transmitted threatening messages targeting Hispanics.

In his plea agreement, federal authorities say Lin made the threats through Facebook to injure and kill a South Florida resident, and to kill all Hispanics in Miami and other locations. Authorities say his posts read “I’m coming to Rape and kill you;’ “I will stop at Nothing until you, your family and your friends, your entire WORTHLESS LATIN RACE IS RACIALLY EXTERMINATED.” Lin also admitted in his messages he discussed mass shootings of Hispanics and the idolization of Adolph Hitler, according to a statement from the US Attorney’s Office for South Florida.

Lin could sent off to prison for five years, and be placed on three years of supervised probation when he’s sentenced on March 30th, 2020..


By Kevin McManus