Local Legislator Introduced Bill To Expand Hospital Anti-Discrimination Laws for 2020 General Assembly

They will include country of origin, ancestry, and gender identity.

Frederick, MD – Frederick County Delegate Karen Lewis Young (D) said she introduced legislation during the 2020 General Assembly expanding anti-discrimination laws within hospitals.

Young said there are already various classes protected by current laws, but some are still vulnerable to discriminatory treatment.

“Believe or not, there’s still some challenges with discrimination in terms of health care.”

The bill would expand the protection to prohibit discrimination on the basis of country of origin, ancestry, and gender identity.

Delegate Young is also sponsoring bills concerning mental health, with one to allow psychiatric nurse practitioners the authority to admit patients and another to make sure all patients with mental health issues have access to a hospital bed.

Young has sent 13 bills to drafting which are in different stages of development.

“Most of my bills deal with health issues,” Young said. “Either making it more accessible, more affordable.”

Delegate Young will be recognized on February 6 will as one of 9 distinguished legislators commended for moving forward advocacy for cancer fighting policies.

By Timothy Young.