Local Legislator To Introduce Bills on Patient Brokering, School Boards, and More

Over 10 weeks are left in the 2020 General Assembly.

Frederick, MD – Frederick County Delegate Jesse Pippy (R) said he will be introducing legislation during the 2020 General Assembly regarding various topics including regulations on patient brokering.

Pippy said he is working with Delegate Karen Lewis Young to regulate the practice of the use of third parties to refer people to recovery centers.

“So the recovery center pays the broker thousands of dollars in fees for simply transferring a patient to a facility that may actually not be equipped to assist in someone’s recovery,” Pippy said. “We want to ensure that when someone is in a crisis situation… they’re simply not brokered around.”

Pippy said several states have laws regulating or outright banning the practice of patient brokering.

Another law being introduced during the Assembly concerns the process of filling an empty seat on a school board.

“We felt that in the event of a vacancy that we should put the power back to the voters,” Pippy said. “And that they would elect a replacement to the school board as opposed to an appointment.”

Pippy said he is introducing around 17 or 18 bills total to the Assembly.

By Timothy Young