Local Non-Profit a Clinic/Pharmacy/Dentist Office on Wheels

They provide care to those without or limited insurance.

Frederick, MD – A local non-profit is continuing to serve the local community by providing various forms of care including checkups and even dental work.

Mission of Mercy is devoted to providing medical, pharmaceutical and dental services to the un/under-insured at no cost at local clinics in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.

“Our mission is really to restore your dignity through love,” Executive Director at the Mission of Mercy Linda Ryan said

The organization was founded in 1994 with Frederick being their largest site.

Mission of Mercy operates through mobile clinics which are RV-style vehicles with functional medical equipment to perform services ranging from pharmaceutical care to even tooth extraction with their mobile dental clinic.

“Think of three doctors offices and a pharmacy on wheels,” Ryan said. “And the mobile dental clinic think of that as three dental chairs on wheels.”

The organization does not receive any government funding, relying solely on grants and donations from businesses and individuals.

Mission of Mercy will be hosting their annual gala this fall to raise funds as well.

More information on fund raisers, clinical appointments and services can be found at aMissionOfMercy.org

By Timothy Young